About Us

Owners: Beverly & Sheldon (aka Butch) Earley

Our history: The building and property was owned by the Geske family, when zoning came to McHenry County in 1951 when the new “Today’s Burtons Bridge” was built. They received the OK to physically move the building for re-routing the road. The new foundation was poured and the building was moved to where we are today, to make room for the project. An addition to the building was added later which is the structure today.

This property & business was sold to the “Fyott’s, and then purchased by my Dad in 1977 It was named “Basile’s Riverside Inn”, but was called by the patrons Basile’s or Riverside Keeping something from the past, and because it resonates with me, the name had to be Riverside again. I moved to the property from Hanover Park in 1981 to work with my dad, building the business with more food and dining. Dad sold the Business in 1985 and moved to Las Vegas where he bar tended at Caesar’s Palace until he died. The business has had 6 previous tenant/owners, each having a different business venue and type of customer.

Due to life’s many unforeseen circumstances, after more than 30 years, I am back to do this again, but for myself this time. As the 7th owner since my Dad, my husband and I hope to establish a neighborhood friendly place. With the help and younger perspective of our manager, we hope to transform the business and the property to meet future needs. We want to combine good food with reasonable prices and a pleasant atmosphere for the young and old to socialize and relax. Come join the backyard party on the deck or in the yard. All are welcome!

We believe in supporting our local businesses & community, with events, advertisements, and purchases whenever possible.

We are conveniently located right off of 176 near the Fox River (Burton's Bridge)

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